List of county roads in Hernando County, Florida

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County roads in Florida
County roads in Hernando County

The following is a list of county roads in Hernando County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside. Unsigned routes may no longer exist.

County routes in Hernando County[edit]

# Road Name(s) Direction and Termini Notes
CR 439 Lingle Road S/N CR 476 Istachatta CR 39 Hernando-Citrus County Line former SR 39[1]
CR 445 Main Street
Howell Avenue
S/N SR 50/US 98 Truck Brooksville US 41 Brooksville former SR 45A[2]
CR 476 Centralia Boulevard
Citrus Way
Lake Lindsey Road
W/E US 19 Royal Highlands Hernando-Sumter County Line Nobleton. former SR 476[1]
Overlaps CR 491 @ Citrus Way & CR 481 @ Snow Memorial Highway.
CR 476A Snow Hill Road W/E Jones Road Lake Lindsey CR 481 Lake Lindsey former SR 476A[1]
CR 480 Croom Road W/E US 41 Brooksville. Withlacoochee State Forest. Not connected to CR 480 in Citrus County.
CR 481 Snow Memorial Highway S/N US 41 Chinsegut Hill CR 581. Hernando-Citrus County Line. former SR 581[1]
CR 484 West Fort Dade Road
Mondon Hill Road
W/E CR 570 near Spring Hill. SR 50/US 98 & CR 541 Hill 'n Dale. former SR 485 (east of US 41)[1]
Unmarked in the City of Brooksville, including along East Fort Dade Road
CR 485 Cobb Road S/N SR 50 & 50A west of Brooksville. US 98 Willow Prairie Lake former SR 485[1]
Also part of U.S. Route 98 Truck
CR 485B Yontz Road W/E CR 485 Brooksville. US 98 Brooksville. former SR 485B[1]
CR 491 Citrus Way S/N CR 484 near Spring Hill. Hernando-Citrus County Line. former SR 491[1]
CR 491A Parsons Road
Brittle Road
W/S CR 491 Stafford. US 98 Stafford. former SR 491A[1]
unsigned; may have included Antigulla Road which leads to CR 476
CR 493 Sunshine Grove Road S/N SR 50 near Spring Hill. CR 476 Royal Highlands.
CR 495 Pine Island Drive S/N CR 550 Bayport. Alfred McKethan/Pine Island Park Pine Island. former SR 595[1]
CR 541 Spring Lake Highway S/N Pasco-Hernando County Line. Becomes CR 41. Dixie. SR 50/US 98 & CR 484 Hill 'n Dale. former SR 41[1]
CR 550 Cortez Boulevard W/E Bayport Park Bayport. US 19 & SR 50. Weeki Wachee. former SR 50[1]
CR 570 Wiscon Road W/E SR 50 near Spring Hill. US 41 Brooksville.
CR 572 Elgin Boulevard
Powell Road
W/E CR 589 Spring Hill. CR 541. Spring Lake. former SR 572[1]
CR 574 Spring Hill Drive W/E US 19 & CR 595 Spring Hill. US 41 Garden Grove.
CR 575 Burwell Road S/N Pasco-Hernando County Line. SR 50 Ridge Manor. former SR 575[1]
CR 576 Ayer's Road
Hayman Road
W/E US 41. Masaryktown. CR 541. Spring Lake. former SR 420[1]
CR 577 Neff Lake Road
Olympia Road
S/N CR 572 Spring Lake. SR 50 former SR 577[1]
CR 578 County Line Road W/E US 19 Spring Hill. US 41 Masaryktown. former SR 578[1]
CR 581 Culbreath Road
Powell Road
Emerson Road
S/N Pasco-Hernando County Line. SR 50A/US 98 Brooksville. former SR 571 (Emerson Road) and SR 581 (Culbreath Road and formerly Mitchell Road)[1]
Overlaps CR 572 @ Powell Road
CR 581A Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (Summit Street) W/E US 41 Brooksville. SR 50A/US 98 Brooksville. former SR 581A[1]
CR 583 California Street S/N CR 574 Hernando County Airport. SR 50 near Spring Hill.
CR 585 Anderson Snow Road
Barclay Avenue
S/N CR 578 near Masaryktown. SR 50 near Spring Hill. Anderson Snow Road becomes Barclay Avenue @ CR 574.
CR 587 Mariner Boulevard S/N CR 578 Spring Hill. SR 50, Spring Hill.
CR 589 Deltona Boulevard S/N CR 574, Spring Hill. SR 50 Weeki Wachee.
CR 595 Osawaw Boulevard S/N Pasco-Hernando County Line. Aripeka. US 19 & CR 574 Spring Hill. former SR 595[1]
CR 597 Shoal Line Boulevard S/N CR 595 Hernando Beach. CR 550 East of Bayport. former SR 595[1]


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