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  • Court (royal), the retinue and larger household and entourage of a monarch, prince of the church, or a high nobleman
  • A court of law


  • A courthouse, a building where justice is administrated; may house one or more courtrooms inside
  • A courtroom, an interior space (often inside a courthouse/court building) where legal proceedings are conducted
  • Courtyard or quadrangle, architectural features, with the latter term usually used at colleges or university campuses
  • A defined playing area, with a prepared surface, for a game or sport, usually with solid boundaries (as opposed to a field); major examples include: tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court
  • Food court
  • Cul-de-sac in American English

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  • A social group of animals, notably kangaroos
  • Court as a verb means to seek out or solicit the affections of someone (see courtship)