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Courtney Simon (born June 23, 1946) is an American writer and actress. Simon is sometimes credited as "Courtney Sherman" or "Courtney Sherman Simon".


Acting roles[edit]

Simon is best known for having created the role of Kathy Phillips on the long-running soap opera Search for Tomorrow.

She has also played roles on Guiding Light (Dinah Buckley), All My Children, and Another World. Her more recent acting work has been on a recurring basis. As a featured actress, she is best known for playing Dr. Lynn Michaels on As the World Turns.

Writing work[edit]

Simon began to contribute to shows as a writer while she was still a cast member at Search for Tomorrow. She has worked steadily as a breakdown script writer ever since. With recurring, part-time acting roles, she has occasionally worked at a show as a writer and as an actor; she has also worked on one show as a writer while appearing on another program as an actor.

Positions held[edit]

All My Children (hired by Lorraine Broderick)

  • Script Writer: 1996 - 1997

Another World

  • Script Writer: 1998 - June 25, 1999

As the World Turns (hired by Leah Laiman)

  • Script Writer: 2000 - 2001
  • Script Editor: 2001 - January 24, 2008, April 18, 2008 - September 2010

General Hospital

  • Script Writer: 1997 - 1998

Guiding Light (hired by Nancy Curlee)

  • Writer: 1992 - 1993


  • Writer: 1991

Santa Barbara

  • Script Writer: 1986 - 1991

Search for Tomorrow

  • Script Writer: 1982 - 1984

Writing awards & nominations[edit]

  • Daytime Emmy NOMINATION (2003 & 2006; Best Writing; As The World Turns)
  • Daytime Emmy WIN (2001, 2002, 2004, 2005; Best Writing; As The World Turns)
  • Daytime Emmy NOMINATION (1998; Best Writing; General Hospital)
  • Daytime Emmy WIN (1997; Best Writing; All My Children)
  • Daytime Emmy WIN (1993; Best Writing; Guiding Light)
  • Daytime Emmy NOMINATION (1998 & 1990; Best Writing; Santa Barbara)
  • Daytime Emmy WIN (1989; Best Writing; Santa Barbara)
  • Writers Guild of America Award NOMINATION (For 2005, 2008 season; As The World Turns)
  • Writers Guild NOMINATION (For 1997 & 1998 season; General Hospital)
  • Writers Guild NOMINATION (For 1997 season; All My Children)
  • Writers Guild WIN (For 1996 season; All My Children)
  • Writers Guild NOMINATION (For 1994 & 1995 season; Guiding Light)
  • Writers Guild WIN (For 1990 & 1991 season; Santa Barbara)
  • Writers Guild NOMINATION (For 1984 season; Search For Tomorrow)

Personal life[edit]

Simon's first marriage, to Ed Easton, ended in divorce. She met actor Peter Simon while they were both part of the cast on Search for Tomorrow. The couple married in 1975 and have raised five children (some from previous marriages, as well as one born to the couple).

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