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Couteaux Review is a limited liability company founded by executive chef and restaurateur, Jason Kwon in 2008. The organization was founded on the premise of creating a platform to promote greater awareness of sustainable agriculture within the American culinary industry. Over the past year and half,[when?] Couteaux Review has developed into a national epicurean organization that promotes sustainable agriculture through multiple channels of culinary based community outreach. With its mission to help "define the culinary avant-garde through sustainability," [1] Couteaux Review collaborates with local food and farming communities to bridge networks between restaurants, chefs, purveyors and food enthusiasts.

Couteaux Review Sustainability Award[edit]

Couteaux Review honors restaurants and chefs that are dedicated to sustainable procurement and practices. Its Certification of Sustainability assures diners that a restaurant has worked hard to maintain a green business by working with local purveyors and farmers to design menus based on a seasons freshest produce. Notable restaurants and chefs that have been recognized for their commitment to sustainable agriculture include Sebastien Archambault of RH Restaurant,[2] Anthony Keene of Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood,[3] David Chang of Momofuku Ko, Al Nappo of Founding Farmers,[4] Eric Ziebold of CityZen and Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve.

Couteaux Review Media Publication[edit]

Couteaux Review Media is an online publication that features news updates on culinary trends, culinary news, seasonal ingredients, chef interviews, food blogs and sustainability.[5]

Couteaux Review Farm Initiative[edit]

The Couteaux Review Farm Initiative was started by the Couteaux Board of Farming Relations as a way to help bridge the gap between local purveyors and restaurants with the availability of a new database of local suppliers and their local-grown foods. Restaurant managers and chefs will have access to the user-friendly database, which will serve as a centralized catalog of regional suppliers and their available products. The project is designed to enhance and promote the collaboration between restaurants and local farmers in an organized and user-friendly manner.

Eat Savory[edit]

Jason Kwon, Director of Couteaux Review, formed his modern catering concept from his background as former head chef at Joshu-ya in Berkeley, California. The concept for Eat Savory is based on a simple bistro menu using the freshest and most nutritional ingredients the area has to offer.


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