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Covenant Publishing Co., Ltd has been a major publisher of books and pamphlets of British Israelism since 1921, set up by the British-Israel-World Federation.[1][2]


William Pascoe Goard became the first director of Covenant Publishing in 1922 after moving to England. A prolific author himself on British Israelism he published many of his own works through the publishing house of the B.I.W.F until his death in 1937.[3] Covenant Publishing has published books and pamphlets (as well as other merchandise) since 1921, although the publisher was not "officially" set up until the year after. Publications from 1921 were published under "Covenant", while from 1922 as "Covenant Publishing" Co., Ltd. Some of the earliest book publications sold over 40,000 copies,[4] and Covenant Publishing later set up their overseas publishing house in America.[5]

The current headquarters are in Bishop Auckland, England, and Covenant Publishing still continue to print and sell British Israelism literature.

Notable publications[edit]

Front page of Celt, Druid and Culdee by Isabel Hill Elder (1938).

The lost tribes of Israel by Richard Reader Harris (1921)
The destiny of Britain and America by William Gordon Mackendrick aka "Roadbuilder" (1921)
Prehistoric London: its mounds and circles by Elizabeth Oke Buckland Gordon (1925)
St. Paul in Britain by Richard Williams Morgan (1925)
God's covenant man: British-Israel by Edward Faraday Odlum (1927)
The witness of the Great Pyramid by Basil Stewart (1928)
The post-captivity names of Israel by William Pascoe Goard (1934)
The Command of the Ever-Living by Ferrar Fenton (1935)
Celt, Druid and Culdee by Isabel Hill Elder (1938)
The "Painted Savages" of England by Alban Ernest Heath (1943)
Miracles of History by David Davidson (1947)
The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George F. Jowett (1961)
Who Were The Scots? by W.E. Filmer (1970)
Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage by W.H. Bennett (1976)
The Hidden Treasure of the Parables by Alfred S. Brown (1997)
British Israel Vital Belief or Optional Extra? by C.A.J. Cream (2007)
The Lost Tribes of Israel FAQs by J. Martin Lightfoot (2009)

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