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Cowley station site geograph-3322897-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg
Site of the station in 1986
Post-grouping Great Western Railway
1 October 1904 Opened
10 September 1962 Closed[1]
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Cowley Railway Station was a station on the Uxbridge branch of the Great Western Railway in Cowley, London. It is now no longer open.

The station was opened to serve the small settlement of Cowley. It opened in 1904, nearly fifty years after the rest of the line from West Drayton had been constructed. It was the only intermediate station on the line, situated between Uxbridge Vine Street and West Drayton railway station. It closed to passengers in 1962, along with the remainder of the branch, but freight trains went through to Uxbridge Vine Street until 1964. The only stretch of the line north of West Drayton to survive longer than this was that as far as Middlesex Oil Depot, some distance south of Cowley, which closed in 1979. Cowley station has since been demolished and built over, and today there are only a few signs of its former existence, including a railway bridge and "Station Road".

It was once part of early 20th century plans for a longer rail line from Denham to Staines via Uxbridge and West Drayton but the section linking Uxbridge High Street railway station and a point south of Uxbridge Vine Street was not built.


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Coordinates: 51°31′46″N 0°28′35″W / 51.5295°N 0.4763°W / 51.5295; -0.4763