Cox Site

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Cox Site
15 WD 107
Cox Site15 WD 107 is located in Kentucky
Cox Site15 WD 107
Cox Site
15 WD 107
Approximate location within Kentucky today
Coordinates 37°56′51.79″N 84°44′21.37″W / 37.9477194°N 84.7392694°W / 37.9477194; -84.7392694
Country  USA
Region Woodford County, Kentucky
Culture Fort Ancient culture
First occupied 1200 CE
Abandoned 1400

The Cox Site (15WD107) is a Middle Fort Ancient culture (1200 to 1400 CE) archaeological site located in Woodford County, Kentucky, in the Bluegrass region of the state. The site is located on a large ridge and is approximately 65 metres (213 ft) by 60 metres (200 ft), although there may be other unexplored sections to the north.[1]

Not enough investigations at the site have happened for archaeologists to be able to determine the pattern, shape or layout of the proposed village site. The finding of shell tempered pottery and distinctive triangular-shaped arrowheads along with radiocarbon dates has allowed researchers to date the site. Two burials have been located at the site; however, one was a flexed burial found by the owner of the site and the other was an extended burial found by archaeologists during investigations.[1]

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