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Coyle and Cassidy School
Coyle-Cassidy School
Coyle Shield 2010.png
Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve
2 Hamilton Street
Taunton, Massachusetts, (Bristol County), 02780
United States
Coordinates 41°54′33″N 71°5′42.5″W / 41.90917°N 71.095139°W / 41.90917; -71.095139Coordinates: 41°54′33″N 71°5′42.5″W / 41.90917°N 71.095139°W / 41.90917; -71.095139
Type Private, coed. high school
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Established 1911
Founder James Coyle
Oversight Diocese of Fall River
CEEB Code 222120
President Mary Patricia Tranter, Ph.D[1]
Principal Kathleen St. Laurent, MSN
Vice principal Marie Angeley
Michael O'Brien, M.Ed[2]
Corinne Merritt, Ed.D[3]
Chaplain William M. Rodrigues
Grades 912 (High School Division)

68 (Middle School Division)

Enrollment 503 (2013, Before Middle School Division)
Grade 6 N/A
Grade 7 N/A
Grade 8 N/A
Grade 9 111
Grade 10 108
Grade 11 151
Grade 12 133
Average class size 24
Student to teacher ratio 13:1
Campus Urban
Color(s)      Blue
Slogan Tradition Lives Here
Fight song "Charge On You Warriors"
Athletics MIAA
Athletics conference Eastern Athletic
Sports 22 varsity teams, 15 sports
Mascot Warrior Colyesports.jpg
Team name Warriors
Rivals Taunton High School, Bishop Feehan High School
Accreditation New England Association of Schools and Colleges[4]
Tuition High School: $9,050
Middle School: $5,850
Naming History St. Mary's High School (1911-1932)
Monsignor Coyle High School (1933-1970)
Coyle and Cassidy High School (1971-2014)
Coyle and Cassidy School (2014-present)

Coyle and Cassidy School, or Coyle-Cassidy School, officially Coyle Cassidy Memorial High School and Middle School Divisions (formerly St. Mary's High School, Monsignor Coyle High School, and Coyle and Cassidy High School) is a private, Catholic Diocesan school located in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. The school has been a co-education middle and high school facility since 2014. Coyle serves students living within and beyond the Greater Taunton Area.


The school's history dates back to 1911, when Monsignor James Coyle, pastor of Saint Mary's Church, established Saint Mary's High School. The high school grew, and by the early 1930s the need for a larger school was apparent. In 1933, shortly after Monsignor Coyle's death, Monsignor Coyle High School opened on Summer Street, staffed by the Brothers of the Holy Cross. The boys' population transferred to Coyle, and the girls' population stayed at Saint Mary's under the guidance of the Holy Union Sisters. In 1963, a new high school for girls was opened on the corner of Hamilton Street and Adams Street, named for Bishop James Edwin Cassidy. However, given the economics of the time, the aging of the old Coyle High School building, as well as a lack of ordained staff for each school, it was decided in 1971 that the two schools would merge into Coyle-Cassidy High School in the Bishop Cassidy site. (The former Monsignor Coyle High School building became known as the Taunton Catholic Middle School, and served the diocese until the 2014.) [5]

In February 2014, the school announced that it would begin to host grades 6-8 in a new "Middle School Division", while grades 9-12 will now be known as the "High School Division". This was in response to the shutting down of Taunton Catholic Middle School, which had hosted grades 5-8 in a previous Coyle location. [6]

The full name of the school was modified to include both divisions, however the school name with no modifier before the word "school" is far more common than the more complex long-form name.

Academics and School Campus[edit]

Coyle-Cassidy has been located at 2 Hamilton Street since 1971. In 1983, an athletic wing was added onto the existing academic wing. In 1997, a theater, tech center, new library, and two classrooms were added onto the academic wing. In 2006, the third floor of the building was remodeled into a state-of-the-art music and fine arts center. Also in 2013, Coyle-Cassidy received ownership of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, a Catholic Church that is located about .25 miles away from Coyle on 80 Bay St. Taunton, MA. The parish center of the church is currently being used as an annex of Coyle-Cassidy.

The school places a heavy emphasis on technology, with most of the schoolwork being done digitally. The school maintains two computer technology centers. Coyle-Cassidy also maintains three science labs: a physics lab, a chemistry lab, and a biology lab. The school will add a fourth lab, for biology, in the summer of 2013. The new lab will take the place of a former classroom. During each subsequent summer, the school was scheduled to renovate each of the three labs already in existence, as part of an effort to bolster its science program. However, with the transition to a grades 6-12 concept, major renovations took place during the summer of 2014 to update the new middle school area. This postponed each of the final three science lab projects by one year.

The school also has in its possession three portable electronics carts: one for laptops, one for iPads, one for Linux netbooks. This enables entire classes to be connected wirelessly. In addition, students are allowed and encouraged to use their own laptops, iPads, or other tablets for this purpose.

Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, one class in each department will be conducted using iPads remotely in conjunction with both the teacher and with an overhead projector screen. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, every student at Coyle must have an iPad to use for note-taking, virtual textbooks, and other academic uses. The purpose of the iPads are to provide a richer and more unified experience for every Coyle student.

While the gymnasium itself was renovated in 2007, much of the athletic wing dates to its construction in 1983. The weight room was then renovated in 2013 into a state of the art fitness center for student athletes.

Incoming freshman take a DFRCEC placement test. This, along with recommendations from middle school teachers determine grade 9 class placement.


Coyle's athletic program is sanctioned by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and all of the school's teams compete in the Eastern Athletic Conference (EAC). Coyle's athletic teams play under the nickname "Warriors", and the mascot is similar to the Vandals mascot of the University of Idaho. (Prior to the late 1990s, the mascot was a Wampanoag chief in full headress.) The school has a long, cross-city rivalry with the Taunton High School "Tigers". Depending on the sport, the school is in many different divisions. For example, Coyle is Division II in softball, but Division IV in track and field. This has nothing to do with the school's talent pool, but rather sport-specific rules assigned by the MIAA.

Currently, the school supports varsity teams in 16 different sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, American football, golf, ice hockey, indoor track, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, lacrosse and weightlifting. Most sports also consist of freshman and junior varsity teams. There have been recent attempts to add field hockey to the athletic mix, but it has not yet been successful. The push for a wrestling team has been bolstered since the arrival of Bob Gay as principal in 2010, as Mr. Gay is a former high school wrestling coach. A wrestling team was started in 2012-2013 school year.

Despite its status as a fairly small school, Coyle has a rich athletic history that is often bolstered by its ability to admit students outside of the city of Taunton. Recently (within the last ten years), Coyle has particularly dominated Taunton High in the sports of golf, ice hockey, men's soccer, and tennis, winning several coveted city championships. Competing in the talent-laden conference EAC has historically been a problem for certain sports (soccer, football, tennis, and track specifically), but the school occasionally manages to bring home conference championships. In 2003, Taunton was treated to a rare athletic treat when both Coyle and Taunton High won Massachusetts state championships in softball, albeit in different divisions. Among all others, the softball, girl's basketball and ice hockey teams have undoubetedly been the most successful teams in recent history at the school, both of which are occasionally ranked among the best in the country. In the 2010-11 season, The Lady Warriors Basketball team competed at TD Garden in the Division III State Semi-Finals, falling to St. Mary's-Lynn by a score of 53-50. In 2012, the baseball team saw a return to prominence as they spent much of the season ranked in the Massachusetts top 5. Coyle also has an athletic Hall of Fame. An alumnus must be nominated by a member of the Coyle community, and have graduated at least five years prior to the nomination, in order to be elected to the distinguished group. A list of enductees[dead link] is available online.

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