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Craig Rivera
Born Craig A. Riviera
(1954-10-10) October 10, 1954 (age 60)
United States
Occupation Television personality, journalist

Craig Rivera [1] is an American television journalist, producer, and correspondent for Fox News Channel. He appears regularly on the Fox News Channel newsmagazine program "Geraldo At Large".

Personal life[edit]

Craig Rivera was born in New York, New York on October 10, 1954. He is the youngest son of Lillian (née Friedman), a waitress, and Cruz "Allen" Rivera (October 1, 1915 – November 1987), a restaurant worker and cab driver.[2][3] Rivera's father was a Catholic Puerto Rican,[4] and his mother is of Ashkenazi Russian Jewish descent. He grew up in Brooklyn and West Babylon, New York where he attended West Babylon High School. He has four siblings: Irene, Geraldo, Wilfredo, and Sharon.[citation needed]


Craig Rivera attended Kutztown University and majored in Communications and Media Studies.[5] After graduating, he joined ABC's 20/20 in 1978 as a Producer. He transitioned to "Inside Edition" in 1986, working for the first time as an on-air talent. Craig Rivera joined Fox News Channel in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks to cover American combat in the Afghanistan War and Iraq War. In 2005 he became a Senior Field Producer for Geraldo At Large, appearing each week on the show to present an investigative reporting segment called “Craig Investigates”.[6]


In 2000 while working on Inside Edition, Craig Rivera worked on an investigative segment titled “Home Depot Dangers”,[7] which won a Deadline Club Award for Best Series/Investigative Reporting.[8]


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