Craigmont High School

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Craigmont High School
Established 1974
Type Public
Principal Sherilyn Brown (2006-Present)
Academic staff 112
Students 1,011

3333 Covington Pike

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Colors Maroon/Grey        
Athletics 13 varsity teams
Mascot Chief

Craigmont High School is a public high school (grades 9–12) located in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Raleigh community. It is part of the Memphis City Schools district. It is home to the city's only International Studies Program. The school first opened in 1974 for only 7th through 10th grade students, but each subsequent year, added a grade higher. The first graduating class was the class of 1976. In 2001, the 7th and 8th grade students, along with the 6th grade students from Brownsville Road Optional Elementary School, formed the new Craigmont Middle School at the opposite end of the same block. This was done both to help overcrowding and to reduce the extreme age and maturity gaps present in a single building.

Notable features[edit]

Craigmont High School is the only school in the entire Memphis/Bartlett area that has a MAC/OS operated Planetarium.



  • Baseball - Coach Matthew Hester
  • Basketball - Coach David Taylor
  • Bowling - Coach Alvin Wright
  • Cheerleading - Carolyn Mitchell
  • Cross Country - Coach Tim Anderson
  • Debate Sponsors - Sandra Edscorn and James Moseley
  • Football - Coach Cecil VanHooks
  • Marksmanship - Sgt. Aldridge
  • Senior Activity Coordinator – Valencia Jeffries
  • Soccer - Coach Gus Connelly (womens) Jason Kelly (mens)
  • Softball - Coach Tim Anderson
  • Tennis - Coach
  • Track and Field - Ryan Smith (women's) Cecil VanHooks (mens')
  • Volleyball - Coach Tim Anderson


Notable alumni[edit]


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