Crash! Boom! Bang!

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Crash! Boom! Bang!
Studio album by Roxette
Released 9 April 1994

February 1993 – January 1994

Genre Pop, jazz, rock
Label EMI
Producer Clarence Öfwerman
Roxette chronology
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang!
McDonald's promotional cover
Singles from Crash! Boom! Bang!
  1. "Sleeping in My Car"
    Released: 7 March 1994
  2. "Crash! Boom! Bang!"
    Released: 9 May 1994
  3. "Fireworks"
    Released: 1994
  4. "Run to You"
    Released: 14 November 1994
  5. "Vulnerable"
    Released: 27 March 1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]
Entertainment Weekly C+[2]
Los Angeles Times 3/4 stars[3]

Crash! Boom! Bang! is Roxette's fifth studio album, released on 9 April 1994.

Though highly successful in Europe and South America, the album was badly marketed by EMI in the United States. A shorter version of the album was made available a few months earlier, as a special deal at the McDonald's restaurant chain, called Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang!. The Japanese version includes the track "Almost Unreal", which was (for unknown reasons) entitled "It's Almost Unreal". In the UK a vinyl version of the album was also released, despite CDs taking over as the mainstream format.

"Sleeping in My Car", "Crash! Boom! Bang!", "Fireworks", "Run to You" and "Vulnerable" were released as singles.

Track listings[edit]

All songs published by Jimmy Fun Music, except "Go to Sleep" (Jimmy Fun Music/Shock the Music).

All songs written and composed by Per Gessle, except where noted. 

No. Title Length
1. "Harleys & Indians (Riders in the Sky)"   3:15
2. "Crash! Boom! Bang!"   5:02
3. "Fireworks"   3:58
4. "Run to You"   3:39
5. "Sleeping in My Car"   3:47
6. "Vulnerable"   5:03
7. "The First Girl on the Moon"   3:11
8. "Place Your Love"   3:09
9. "I Love the Sound of Crashing Guitars"   4:49
10. "What's She Like?"   4:16
11. "Do You Wanna Go the Whole Way?"   4:11
12. "Lies" (Music: Mats Persson & Gessle) 3:41
13. "I'm Sorry"   3:10
14. "Love Is All (Shine Your Light on Me)"   6:41
15. "Go to Sleep" (Music: Marie Fredriksson) 3:58
Total length:

All songs written and composed by Per Gessle, except where noted. 


  • "Sleeping in My Car"
    1. "Sleeping in My Car" (single edit)
    2. "The Look" (MTV unplugged)
    3. "Sleeping in My Car" (The Stockholm Demo version)
  • "Crash! Boom! Bang!"
    1. "Crash! Boom! Bang!" (single edit)
    2. "Joyride" (MTV unplugged)
    3. "Run to You" (demo)
  • "Fireworks"
    1. "Fireworks" (single edit)
    2. "Dangerous" (MTV unplugged)
    3. "Fireworks" (Jesus Jones Remix)
    4. "The Rain" (demo)
  • "Run to You"
    1. "Run to You"
    2. "Don't Believe in Accidents" (demo)
    3. "Almost Unreal" (demo)
    4. "Crash! Boom! Bang!" (demo)
  • "Vulnerable"
    1. "Vulnerable" (single edit)
    2. "The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye"
    3. "Vulnerable" (demo)
    4. "I'm Sorry" (demo)


Country Position Certification
Australia 2
Canada 13
Germany 2 Platinum[4]
Hungary 9
Netherlands 6 Gold
Norway 6
Poland - Gold[5]
Sweden 1 2× Platinum
Switzerland 1 Platinum
UK 3 Gold[6]


  • Marie Fredriksson: vocals
  • Per Gessle: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, harmonica
  • Pelle Sirén: electric and acoustic guitars
  • Jalle Lorensson: harmonica
  • Jonas Isacsson: electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin
  • M. P. Persson: electric guitars, mandolin, drums, percussion
  • Janne Oldaeus: electric guitars
  • Clarence Öfwerman: keyboards, programming
  • Anders Herrlin: bass, programming
  • Pelle Alsing, Nicki Wallin, Christer Jansson, Alar Suurna: drums, percussion
  • Vicki Benckert, Staffan Öfwerman: backing vocals

Arranged and produced by Clarence Öfwerman

Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang! was produced by CEMA Special Markets.


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