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Crayford is located in Greater London
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Coordinates: 51°26′57″N 0°10′52″E / 51.4491°N 0.1812°E / 51.4491; 0.1812

Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society


There have been classes on astronomy at Crayford since the 1950s, the advanced astronomy course was originally run by Percy Wilkins and the society was subsequently established in 1961, by Gordon Taylor who travelled from Herstmonceux (former site of Royal Observatory Greenwich) to lecture on Astronomy at Crayford Manor House, he set up the society to co-ordinate student activities with an emphasis on serious practical work.[1]

Distinguished members[edit]

  • John Wall, inventor and telescope maker and member of Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society, named the popular zero backlash Crayford Eyepiece Mount after the area.
  • Roger Pickard, Past president of the British Astronomical Association 2008 & 2009
  • Gordon Taylor, Founder, Past President of the BAA, Past Director of the Computing Section of the BAA

Current activities[edit]

The Advanced Astronomy course is administered by Bexley college but all lectures [2][3] are organised by the Society.

As well as weekly Lectures in term time, outside term time the society meets at the societies observatory which houses a 24 inch (60 cm) telescope. Members of the society are actively interested in most areas of Astronomy


Membership to the society is open to all astronomy students past and present who have attended lectures at Bexley college, Belvedere, London, England. Memberships is free to current astronomy students.


In term time we have lectures from visiting professors. Once per month there is a 'society Night' where society members show their latest activities. Occasionally (~6 times per year) we meet for local observing sessions. As a group we attend many astronomical events such as Astrofest, BAA Winchester Weekend, Kelling Heath Star Party (Spring and Autumn).


Members of the society have published many papers,[4] including papers in the following journals... Journal British Astronomical Association (29 Papers as of 2010) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Soiciety (1 paper as of 2010) Astronomy Now (4 articles as of 2010) Sky and Telescope (4 articles as of 2010) Practical Astronomy (1 article as of 2010) Observatory (1 article as of 2010) IBVS (1 article as of 2010)

Society members have also produce a number of shorter articles and book reviews a full list is available here


The Observatory and Class are located at 51°27′30.29″N 00°10′20.32″E / 51.4584139°N 0.1723111°E / 51.4584139; 0.1723111.

Mayplace Road East,



Travelling to the society[edit]

CMHAS is located in the London Borough of Bexley in south east London.

Closest rail stations[edit]

Barnehurst Southeastern Trains (Bexleyheath Line)

Crayford Southeastern Trains(Crayford Line)

Bus route[edit]

492 Bus

Car parking[edit]

Space for about 70 cars plus some on road parking

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