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Crayon rails is the term used to describe a genre[1][unreliable source?] of board games which recreates the building of railroads via the use of crayons (or in some cases non-permanent marker pens) on a reusable wipe clean board. It may refer to one of these games or game series:

Empire Builder AKA North American Rails (some versions) (1980, North America)
British Rails (1984, England, Scotland, Wales)
Eurorails (1990, Europe)
Nippon Rails (1992, Japan)
Australian Rails (1994, Australia)
Iron Dragon (1996, Fantasy Map)
India Rails (1999, India)
Lunar Rails (2003, The Moon)
Russian Rails (2004, Russia)
China Rails (2006, China)
Martian Rails (2009, Mars)
  • Tracks Series
Railway Rivals
Tracks to Telluride

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