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Craze Digital
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Founded 2004 (2004)
Founder Sam Kleinman
Official website

Craze Digital, also known as Craze or Craze Productions is a digital film distributor and an Independent record label with the main headquarters based in Los Angeles and the secondary headquarters based in United Kingdom.[1] It was founded in 2004 by Sam Kleinman. Craze distributes music and film extensively in the digital media market. The company features music on iTunes, and features films on YouTube and DailyMotion[1]. Between 2009 and July 2011 Craze’s material was seen by over 871 million people.[citation needed] In 2011, Craze featured over 2,000 films on YoutTube.[2] In 2011, Craze introduced their white label system which enables other companies to have a duplicate site originating from the Craze site.[citation needed]

In July 2011, Craze Productions sued YouTube/Google in the Los Angeles Superior Court concerning payment of advertising revenues, asking for over $2 million in potentially unpaid monies.[3] In September 2011 the lawsuit was dismissed.[4]


Below is a list of some artists Craze distributes digitally.

Termination of YouTube Channels[edit]

By July 2011 three of Craze's YouTube channels, including Get Me Horror [8] and Classic Movies Online ("Craze Classics"),[9] had been terminated citing that the accounts had "been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy.[10]"

YouTube publicly listed a range of copyright claimants including Synapse Films, Wingnut Films,[11] Kino International and Warner Bros. [12]

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