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Edwin Ayoung (born (1944) at Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad), better known as Crazy, is a Trinidad and Tobago calypsonian.

Ayoung was born to Chinese Trinidadian father and an Afro-Venezuelan mother. Often called the "Loveable Lunatic of Soca", he is artistically underrated in his native land but one of the most commercially successful artists on international soca music scene. He pioneered parang soca and played a leading role in promoting chutney music soca.


Crazy is the first artist to sing a "Parang Soca" in 1978 and is also among the first to sing a crossover Chutney Soca with "Nani Wine", a big hit in North America and the West Indies 1989.


  • Phone Card - 2008

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