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Type Public Limited Company (Ltd) (SIXCLXN)
Industry Software
Founded 1996
Headquarters Zürich, Switzerland
Key people Bruno Richle (CEO, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder), Dr. Richard Dratva (CSO, Vice Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder)

Digital Banking Software and Portals, Online Banking Security, E-Payment Solutions, E-

Learning Platforms and Software
Revenue CHF 50 million (2012/2013)
Employees 270
Web address

Crealogix is a software company based in Zurich, Switzerland, which provides software solutions in the fields of digital banking, e-payments, and e-learning. Crealogix focuses on the financial industry.[1][2][3][4][5][6] As of early 2014, the company had over 250 employees and generates an annual revenue of approximately 50M CHF.[2] It is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange as Crealogix Holding AG.[7][8] Crealogix has offices in Switzerland (Zurich, Berne, Bubikon) and Germany (Stuttgart, Munich).[9][10]


Crealogix was founded in 1996 in Switzerland by Bruno Richle, present CEO and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Richard Dratva, present CSO and Vice Chairman, Peter Süsstrunk and Daniel Hiltebrand, both current members of the senior management. In 2000 the company went public on the Swiss Stock Exchange.[7][11][12][13][14]

After starting off as a pure service provider, the company has transformed in recent years to become a software manufacturer with product-related services. Additionally the company has developed a focus on the financial industry.[1][6][15] In 2011 Crealogix took over the e-banking unit “abaXX” of Cordys Deutschland AG[16] and in 2012 it acquired AdviceManager from the German company C1 FinCon.[17][18]


Crealogix provides a range of digital banking software, including online and mobile banking systems, online banking security, finance portals or digital financial advisory tools for private and retail banks.[4][19][20][1] The company serves national (Swiss) and international banks.[21][22][13] [17]

Crealogix’s e-learning solutions comprise e-learning and mobile learning platforms and training modules. As of 2013, its e-learning platforms were being used by approximately 50 companies.[1][23][24][22]


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