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CreamwareAudio Modular III is a modular synthesizer running on DSPs (digital signal processors, a type of computer chip designed for signal processing), as part of the software environment provided for the Creamware 'Scope' line of sound cards. It has a huge and increasing number of modules covering all aspects of sound synthesis, designed by Creamware Audio GmbH and by other designers.

The software can be run on a PC (Windows or Mac) (before Mac OS X) using a Creamware Scope Soundcard.

The Creamware Modular Synthesizer has gone through a number of revisions, each adding more modules and greater functionality. The first version was more or less a 'pure' recreation of a traditional hardware modular synth. The later revisions (versions 2 and 3) have taken greater advantage of the fact that a software implementation can have elements not available to in hardware, such as the ability to provide bespoke user interfaces, and have also added a large number of new modules with each release.

A number of 3rd party developers have also created modules for Version 2 and 3 of the software, and the total number of modules available for this system is in the hundreds.

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