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Creative Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Alba Chruthachail [al̪ˠapə xɾuhəxal]) is the development body for the arts and creative industries in Scotland. Based in Edinburgh, it is an executive non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government.

It inherited the functions of Scottish Screen and the Scottish Arts Council on 1 July 2010, and has the additional remit of supporting the application of creatives skills in the Creative Industries.[clarification needed] The Scottish Government brought it into being in 2010, and an interim company, Creative Scotland 2009, was set up to assist the transition from the existing organisations.


The aims of Creative Scotland are:

  • promote an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and culture;
  • identify, support and develop talent and excellence in the arts and culture;
  • seek to realise all the benefits of the arts and culture; and
  • work with partners to support the creative industries.



The Chair of Creative Scotland is Sir Richard Findlay.

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