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Not to be confused with CUNA Credit Union, a defunct credit union based in Madison, Wisconsin

The Credit Union National Association, commonly known as CUNA (pronounced "Cue-Nuh"), is a national trade association for both state- and federally chartered credit unions located in the United States. CUNA provides member credit unions with trade association services, such as lobbying, regulatory advocacy, professional development, and professional services management. The organization operates out of its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and an operations center in Madison, Wisconsin. The association's current President and Chief Executive Officer is Bill Cheney.[1]

Services and support[edit]

In order to qualify for benefits and services from CUNA, a credit union must first be a member of its local state credit union league.

CUNA is supported through dues paid by credit unions through their local league dues and fees generated from services provided. CUNA has previously operated a for-profit "CUNA Services Corp." However, many of the pass-through services, such as credit card processing and individual retirement account (IRA) administration, have been sold to other vendors.

CUNA also houses six CUNA Councils - national organizations for credit union professionals. Run by and for credit union professionals, Councils target their networking, information and programs to key areas of credit union management.

Employees and locations[edit]

CUNA employs approximately 70 people in its Washington, D.C. office as well as several hundred people in its Madison, Wisconsin office. The Madison campus is also the headquarters of CUNA Mutual Group, the World Council of Credit Unions, and the National Credit Union Foundation.

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