Crenshaw Mafia Motherfuckers

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Crenshaw Mafia Motherfuckers CMMF.jpg
Origin Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Genres Rock
Years active 2003–2004
Associated acts Ghost of the Record
Sex Machineguns

The Crenshaw Mafia Motherfuckers (CMMF) were a Los Angeles rock band featuring renowned Japanese drummer C.J. Himawari of the Tokyo-based group Sex Machineguns, singer/guitarist Lantz L'Amour, Blessings/Smack bass player Jamie Zimlin, and Stacey Blades of Roxx Gang and L.A. Guns. They released one self-titled album in 2004 on the Japanese label Recipro/Heatseeker.[1][2] The album was produced by Lady Sinatra/Deathelectric mastermind Jeaux Mezzacappa.