Cresset Biomolecular Discovery

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Industry Drug Discovery, Chemistry Software
Founded 2002
Founder Dr. Andy Vinter, Dr. Mark Mackey
Headquarters Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Key people
Rob Scoffin, CEO,
Slogan Smarter chemistry, smarter decisions

Cresset is a chemistry software company formed in 2002, specializing in virtual screening technology used in computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry. The company is based in the UK and sells to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, flavor and fragrance and academic research groups.

Cresset's products have traditionally solved key problems faced by computational chemists, such as ligand based virtual screening (Blaze), bioisostere identification (Spark), bioactive conformation determination (Forge) and ligand alignment (Torch). However, our field technology has been adopted in a wide range of markets involved in all aspects of molecule discovery and design.

Cresset has partnerships with pharmaceutical, contract research, software, and information organisations including Monsanto Peakdale Molecular and Optibrium.


  • TorchLite, free 3D molecule viewing, editing and drawing
  • Torch, intuitive 3D molecule designer
  • Forge, powerful computational suite to understand SAR and design
  • Spark, discover new directions for your project using bioisosteres
  • Blaze, effective ligand based virtual screening
  • XedTools, access to one of the most innovative molecular mechanics force fields currently in existence
  • Activity Miner A module for Torch and Forge which enables rapid navigation of complex SAR, highlighting key activity changes



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