Cresta (soft drink)

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Cresta was a frothy fruit-flavoured drink produced from the early 1970s through to around 2007. It originally came in four different flavours; strawberry, lemon & lime, pineapple and orange[1] with blackcurrant added later.[2]

Advertising Campaign[edit]

Cresta is widely remembered for its 1970s advertising campaign led by a cartoon polar bear (also called Cresta) sporting sunglasses whose attempts at looking suavely cool would be overwhelmed by bouts of uncontrolled enthusiasm when drinking Cresta. The bear's widely quoted catch phrase "It's frothy man!" summed up the difference between Cresta and more traditionally fizzy soft drinks.[3] Dialogues would include bouts of chicken noises and occasionally cries of Rimsky Korsakov when inspired by swigging the drink.[4] This campaign was created by John Webster of Boase Massimi Pollitt, who also invented the Smash (instant mashed potato) Martians and Honey Monster for Sugar Puffs.[5]