Crewe Toll

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Crewe Toll is an area in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital.

The Western General Hospital is in the vicinity. Another hospital, the Northern General, was also in the area but this is now the site of a Morrisons supermarket. Edinburgh's Telford College (tertiary) was at Crewe Toll, but has moved to a site at Granton. Fettes College (private, secondary) is close by. A major aerospace facility is situated in the area, the Selex ES facility (formerly the avionics division of Ferranti, then GEC-Marconi, then BAE Systems, then SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems, then SELEX Galileo) has been in this location since the 1940s.

Ferry Road passes through the area, indeed the original Crewe Toll tolbooth where a roundabout now stands is on Ferry Road.

Some nearby Edinburgh districts include Craigleith, Pilton, Inverleith, and Silverknowes.

Coordinates: 55°58′5.63″N 3°14′9.05″W / 55.9682306°N 3.2358472°W / 55.9682306; -3.2358472