Cricothyroid branch of superior thyroid artery

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Cricothyroid branch of superior thyroid artery
The thyroid gland and its relations.
Latin ramus cricothyroideus arteriae thyroideae superioris
superior thyroid artery
Gray's p.552
TA A12.2.05.006
FMA FMA:49483
Anatomical terminology

The cricothyroid artery arises from the superior thyroid artery and may contribute to the supply of the larynx. It follows a variable course either superficial or deep to sternothyroid. If superficial, it may be accompanied by branches of the ansa cervicalis, and if deep, it may be related to the external laryngeal nerve. It can anastomose with the artery of the opposite side and with the laryngeal arteries.

This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.