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Crime Library is a website documenting major crimes, criminals, trials, forensics, and criminal profiling from books. It is owned and operated by truTV, a cable TV network that is part of Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System.


Crime Library contains an extensive collection of crime related articles, which are separated into categories: Serial Killers, Notorious Murders, Criminal Mind, Terrorists & Spies and Gangsters & Outlaws. Each category is then broken down into further subcategories. For example, within Serial Killers are the subcategories Most Notorious, Sexual Predators, Truly Weird & Shocking, Unsolved Cases, Partners in Crime and Killers from History. Crime Library also features photo galleries. These may have anywhere from 10 to upwards of 100 slides. Some photo galleries are focused on a specific case, while others are lists of crimes linked by a theme (e.g., "Baby for Sale," cases where a person was arrested for allegedly attempting to sell his or her child), or collections of unusual booking photos.

High-profile crimes in the United States are prominent on Crime Library, but the site also contains information about historically notorious characters of various countries, including United Kingdom, Australia and France.

All articles on Crime Library were written exclusively for Crime Library by dozens of commissioned writers, many of them true-crime authors, including Chuck Hustmyre,[1] Katherine Ramsland,[2] Gary C. King[3] and Anthony Bruno.[4]

Crime Library maintains social media features where readers can interact and discuss criminal cases, including a Facebook page]], a Twitter account and message boards.


Crime Library was founded by Marilyn J. Bardsley in January 1998. Court TV, later truTV, purchased Crime Library in 2001, the same year The Smoking Gun was acquired by Court TV.[5] Originally "The Crime Library," the name of the site was shortened to Crime Library in 2003 to accompany a redesign that changed the site's color scheme and layout.

Crime Library is managed by Editor-in-Chief Andy Brooks and Managing Editors Nastacia Leshchinskaya and Cora Van Olson.

As of August 2014, Crime Library was no longer providing updates on their website. As of 2015, the site is no longer accessible.


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