Crime in Saint Lucia

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Crime statistics are compiled by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and are divided into twelve broad categories[1] In total, 12,145 cases were reported in 2007, a rate of 7,144 per 100,000 people.

Tourists visiting St. Lucia are advised to take similar precautions as they would in their home country[2] and crime rates are described as "moderate".[3]

Crimes Against the Person[edit]

This category includes murder, attempted murder, suicide, assault and kidnapping. A total of 2,796 Crimes Against the Person were reported in 2007, the most recent statistics publicly available from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.


Year Homicides reported
2000 22[4]
2001 24[5]
2002 33[6]
2003 33[7]
2004 31[8]
2005 34[9]
2006 43[10]
2007 27[11]
2008 39
2009 39[12]
2010 48[13]
2011 52[14]

Sexual Offences[edit]

This category includes rape, attempted rape, indecency and sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old. 77 rapes were reported in 2007, a rate of 45.29 per 100,000 people.


This category includes procuring, aiding, etc. One case of incest and one of abduction were reported in 2007.

Firearm Offences[edit]

This category includes possession of an unlicensed firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and discharging a firearm with intent. A total of 166 firearm offences were reported in 2007.

Crimes Against Children[edit]

There were 4 cases of abandonment and one case of concealment of birth reported in 2007.

Crimes Relating to Marriage[edit]

No cases of crime relating to marriage were reported in 2007.

Crimes Against Property[edit]

This category includes stealing, burglary, damage to property and forgery. A total of 5,159 cases of crimes against property were reported in 2007.

Crimes Against Public Order[edit]

This category includes libel, corruption, treason and piracy. Two cases (one of unauthorised use of uniform and one of obstructing lawful assembly) were reported in 2007.

Crimes Against Administration of Justice[edit]

This category includes interfering with a witness and resisting arrest. 140 cases of resisting arrest were reported in 2007.

Crimes concerning Public Officers and Jurors[edit]

One case of impersonation was reported in 2007.

Drug Offences[edit]

This category includes unlawful possession and trafficking of drugs such as cocaine and cannabis. 472 cases relating to cannabis were reported, 67 cases relating to cocaine were reported and 28 "other" cases were reported in 2007.

Cocaine use is estimated at a rate of 1000 users per 100,000 people aged 15–64. For comparison, the figure in the United States is 2400 users per 100,000 people aged 15–64.[15]

Summary Offences[edit]

This category includes assault, threats, and other miscellaneous offences. 1,019 cases of assault were reported in 2007.