Criminal Court

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Criminal Court
Criminal Court film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Robert Wise
Starring Tom Conway
Release dates November 20, 1946
Running time 60 min.
Country United States
Language English

Criminal Court is a 1946 crime drama directed by Robert Wise. It stars Tom Conway and Martha O'Driscoll.[1]


Hotshot lawyer Steve Barnes is a candidate to be district attorney. His girlfriend Georgia Gale has a job singing for nightclub owner Vic Wright, a gangster who works for the mob boss, Marquette.

Steve has film footage of Vic and brother Frankie committing crimes. He rejects a $50,000 bribe made in the form of a campaign donation. Joan, his secretary, spies on Steve for the gangster. She witnesses a struggle for a gun and sees Vic accidentally shot dead.

Georgia is seen leaving the scene and is charged with murder. Marquette will have his stooge Joe West give false testimony to convict her unless Steve plays ball.

Steve realizes just in time that Joan is involved and calls her to the stand. West tries to shoot her, but is overcome. Joan tells what really happened and Georgia goes free.



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