Criminal Nation

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Criminal Nation
Also known as Black Power Nation
Origin Tacoma, Washington
Genres West Coast hip-hop, Gangsta rap, Alternative Rap, Northwest hip hop
Years active 1990 - 1992, 2000
Labels Nastymix Records
Associated acts Pook Luv, Cookiehead, D-Wiz,Art DOg, Billy Jam, DJ Nesty Nes,Drekno
Members D-Rob
MC Deff

Criminal Nation was an American hip-hop group whose members included D-Rob, Spade, Bumpy, Wojack, MC Deff, Clee-Bone and Eugenious. The group was active from 1990 to 1992 and then briefly in 2000, originally they were signed to Nastymix Records, but the 2000 incarnation were signed to Ocean Records.


The group was a large collective of rappers whose principal members were rapper MC Deff, Wojack and DJ Eugenious. The group's first album, Release the Pressure, found some success as the album made it to #73 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and the single "Insane" made it to #17 on the Hot Rap Singles. Two years later, Criminal Nation released a second album, Trouble in the Hood, which like Release the Pressure found some success, making it to #75 to the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and featured the bass guitar work of Matt McClinton and also guitar and keyboard work of producer-musician M.A.S. Shortly after the release, the group disbanded and remained so until 2000 when the group resurfaced to release a third and final album entitled Resurrection. Produced by DJ Eugenious and M.A.S.. For the third album, MC Deff, also known as Wojack, did not return; only the secondary members, D-Rob, Spade, Bumpy and Clee-Bone appeared.