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Crinow church

Crinow (Welsh: Crynwedd) is a village and parish in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is situated 2 km east of Narberth. The parish is part of the community of Narberth.

The derivation of the placenames (English and Welsh) is obscure.[1] The parish was originally a manor attached to St David's and it formed a detached part of the Hundred of Dungleddy. It is close to the Pembrokeshire language frontier and was described as Welsh-speaking by George Owen in 1602, but today it is predominantly English speaking.

In 1934, a detached part of the parish of Lampeter Velfrey was added to Crinow. The pre-1934 parish had an area of 144 Ha. Its census populations were: 53 (1801): 69 (1851): 56 (1901): 32 (1951): 31 (1981).

The percentage of Welsh speakers was 70 (1891): 48 (1931): 20 (1971).


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Coordinates: 51°47′47.5″N 4°43′0.5″W / 51.796528°N 4.716806°W / 51.796528; -4.716806