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Crispy Gamer
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Type of site Gaming
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Launched February 2008

Crispy Gamer was an independent video game focused site that features general coverage, commentary, reviews, comics, and videos about video games and video game culture.


The site was launched in February 2008 with its then unique approach of not accepting video game advertiser dollars in order to appear impartial in video game reviews. Paste Magazine listed Crispy Gamer as the #1 site for the thinking gamer in November 2008.[1]

In December 2009 the company acquired gamerDNA, Inc. then laid off the original editorial staff and most management on authority of the board of directors in January 2010.[2] Chris Heldman, Crispy Gamer's co-founder and CEO resigned in protest. Original gamerDNA CEO Jon Radoff mentioned he only learned of this through inquiring journalists.[3] On February 3, 2010, Harold Goldberg wrote an article for Slate/The Big Money [4] about the demise of Crispy Gamer's editorial staff and its repercussions for gaming journalism.

In February 2010 the Company re-launched as gamerDNA Media with new management, as a video game focused ad network, with the site also relaunched under a new editorial team. became part of the gamerDNA Media network. In July 2011 the company was acquired by Live Gamer, Inc.[5]


Since inception, Crispy Gamer has frequently featured content by Kyle Orland, Scott Jones, Harold Goldberg, Evan Narcisse, Tom Chick, John Teti, Scott Kurtz, Scott Johnson, Aaron Williams, Mike Gonzalez, Jared Bernhardt, Alex Di Stasi, Brian Mardiney, Robert Errera, Chase Slaton and Richard Rodriguez.


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