Cristiano Banti

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Cristiano Banti (January 4, 1824 – 1904) was an Italian painter, a member of the Tuscan painters of the Macchiaioli movement.

Galileo before the Court of the Inquisition (1857).

He was born in Santa Croce sull'Arno, and resided in Florence. He first studied in Siena under Francesco Nenci. Among his first works was Galileo before the Court of the Inquisition. He soon abandoned this first style of historical paintings, and dedicated himself to realistic genre scenes. Described as discontented with his works, he was prolific, but exhibited few paintings. He was known for painting landscape and genre scenes from life.[1] Among these:

  • Returning from Fishing in Bientina Lake
  • A young girl on the grass who grasps a fleeing duck
  • A young girl knitting with Cat
  • A young girl feeding a duck
  • Le Predone (Woman Thieves)