Cristina Valenzuela

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Cristina Valenzuela
Cristina Valenzuela Colossalcon.jpg
Born Cristina Valenzuela
(1987-07-11) July 11, 1987 (age 27)
Norwalk, California
Other names Cristina Vee
Occupation Voice Actress, singer, voice director
Agent Bobby Ball Agency

Cristina Valenzuela (born July 11, 1987) is an American voice actress in anime and video game productions. On screen, she is the co-host for AnimeTV with Johnny Yong Bosch,[1] and the second live portrayal of Haruhi Suzumiya in The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade after Patricia Ja Lee.[2] In March 2012, Cristina started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to produce an animated music video in conjunction with Cybergraphix Animation and Studio APPP.[3] The main character of the video, "Cristina Veecaloid", was designed by Skullgirls creative director Alex Ahad.[3] She was also a host of IGN's IPL4 and IPL5 League of Legends tournaments in Las Vegas.[4]




  • El Chavo - Rosita (season 3), various
  • Lego Friends - Tania
  • Little Big Panda - Yung Fu
  • The Healthy Kids Project (feat. the Zuber Tubers) - Small Potato

Video games[edit]

Live Action Dubbing/ Other[edit]

  • Adventures in Voice Acting - Herself
  • Amazing United States App- Hippo
  • Broccoli International USA (DUP USA Singing Group) - Puchiko
  • Anime Love Hardcore 2 (Diskowarp Records)- Vocalist ("Still Doll", "Discotheque", "Aozora no Namida")
  • Anime TV Season 1 (Webcast commercials) - Anime Fan/Reporter
  • Anime TV Season 2- Host
  • Behind The Scenes: Aika R-16 - Herself
  • Broken Spirits - Valerie
  • Brave - Lita*(English dubbed version)
  • HIS Travel (Commercial) - Voice Over
  • Dead Sushi - Various (English dubbed version)
  • Death Kappa - Kanako*' (English dubbed version)
  • The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade Season Two - Haruhi Suzumiya, Herself
  • The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade Season Two - Theme song performance, "Super Driver
  • IGN IPL4 - League of Legends hostess
  • IGN IPL5 - League of Legends hostess
  • Izo - Sato
  • Funimation Recaps (Comcast on Demand) - Host
  • Little Sister/Cinderella Moon - Big Sister (English dubbed version)
  • Manga UK Mangazette - Voice
  • Misfit Heights - Stacey
  • One Missed Call - Ritsuko, Mimiko *English dubbed version)
  • Princess Pearl (Return of the Pearl Princess)- Xia Ziwei ("Rose") (English dubbed version)
  • Smile Purikura Photobooth - Announcer/Voice (US Localization)
  • Love Friends Purikura Photobooth - Announcer/Voice (US Localization)
  • Beauty Magic Purikura Photobooth - Announcer/Voice (US Localization)
  • Everyone's Best Purikura Photobooth - Announcer/Voice (US Localization)
  • Crash Purikura Photobooth - Announcer/Voice (US Localization)
  • Violetta (TV series) - Violetta (English dubbed voice)

Staff Work[edit]

Voice Director[edit]

  • Skullgirls


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