Black Lake (Montenegro)

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Black Lake
Crno lake.jpg
with Međed peak
Location Žabljak, northern Montenegro
Coordinates 43°08′36″N 19°05′15″E / 43.14333°N 19.08750°E / 43.14333; 19.08750Coordinates: 43°08′36″N 19°05′15″E / 43.14333°N 19.08750°E / 43.14333; 19.08750
Type glacial lake
Basin countries  Montenegro
Surface area 0.515 km²: 0.338 km² (big lake), 0.177 km² (small lake)
Max. depth 49.1 m (small lake), 24.5 m (big lake)
Surface elevation 1,416 m

Black Lake (Montenegrin: Crno jezero, literally 'Black Lake') is a lake in Žabljak municipality, in northern Montenegro.

It is a glacial lake, located on the Mount Durmitor, on an altitude of 1,416 m. It is 3 km away from the town of Žabljak.


Crno lake's surface lies at the foot of Međed peak, and has an area of 0,515 square km. The lake consists of two smaller lakes, Veliko jezero and Malo jezero, literally Large lake and Small lake. The lakes are connected with a narrow strait, which dries up during the summer, thus creating two separate waterbodies.

  • Veliko jezero / Great Lake has an area of 0,338 square km, maximum depth of 24,5 m, maximum length of 855 m and maximum width of 615 m.
  • Malo jezero / Small Lake has an area of 0,177 square km, maximum depth of 49,1 m, maximum length of 605 m and maximum width around 400 m.

The maximum length of the entire Black Lake is 1,155 m. Malo jezero / Small Lake actually has greater volume, being of greater depth.

Black Lake is filled by numerous mountain streams, the best known being Mlin stream. Other streams have no name, as they appear periodically, when snow from Durmitor mountain is melting.


Black Lake is premium tourist attraction of Durmitor area. It is the biggest and the best known of 18 glacial lakes on the mountain. The lake is easily accessible, as it is within walking distance from the center of the town of Žabljak.

The 3,5 km walking path circles around entire lake, and it is popular destination for recreation and hiking. Numerous mountain paths depart from it to other smaller lakes around Žabljak. The Katun restaurant, is located on the shore of the lake, and serves meals prepared in traditional way.