Croatia–Denmark relations

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Croatian-Danish relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Croatia



Croatia–Denmark relations refers to the current and historical relations between Croatia and Denmark. Croatia has an embassy in Copenhagen,[1] and Denmark has an embassy in Zagreb.[2] Relations between Croatia and Denmark are described as "excellent",[3] "friendly" and "excellent and well-developed".[4] Both countries are full members of NATO. Denmark also fully support Croatia in the European Union, and says that Croatia is the 28 member of the union.[5]

Denmark recognized Croatia on 15 January 1992,[6] and on 2 January 1992, the two countries established diplomatic relations, and since then, the two countries have signed 26 treaties.[7]

Denmark launched in 2005 a programme in Croatia, which contributes to develop public administration. Focus is on establishing capacity building. Denmark assisted with 13,5 million DKK.[8]


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