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Croatia Records
Type Joint stock
Traded as ZSE: CROR
Industry Music industry
Founded As Jugoton in 1947, renamed in 1990, registered at the Commercial Court on January 30, 1996[1]
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Key people Slavko Kopun, Pero Gotovac, Mirko Bošnjak, Dubravko Majnarić, Siniša Škarica, Mirko Gavrilović, Vida Ramušćak, Vojno Kundić, Ljerka Marković-Gotovac, Veljko Despot, Veljko Lipovšćak, Miroslav Lilić, Đorđe Novković, Miroslav Škoro, Želimir Babogredac ...
Products Audio CD, DVD-Video, Gramophone record
Employees 43 (2011) [2]

Croatia Records is the largest major record label in Croatia, based in Dubrava in Zagreb.


Croatia Records is the largest and most established record company in Croatia. Its catalogue stands at over 65,000 songs. Croatia is the company's primary market, accounting for some 71 percent of sales, while the remainder comes from foreign markets.[3]

Croatia Records produces over 1,300,000 audio and visual recordings annually which they distribute through their own sales network at attractive locations as well as through retail sale, franchises, licences, etc... New technologies such as digital distribution, are also being used to make the world their market. The company's online store ( presents a channel of sales with all the advantages and safeguards of Internet business, while providing a swift delivery of the product wherever the buyer may be. Thanks to the quality of the product and the brand's recognition, Croatia Records is the leading company in the Croatian music industry.

The most notable artists and performers that release their recordings under Croatia Records label include: Dražen Zečić, Arsen Dedić, Mišo Kovač, Josipa Lisac, Goran Bare, Teška industrija, Thompson, Maksim Mrvica, Prljavo kazalište, Crvena jabuka, Boris Novković, Novi fosili, Opća opasnost, Rade Šerbedžija, Vanna, Jacques Houdek, Parni valjak, Psihomodo pop, Mladen Grdović, Hari Rončević, Adastra, Klapa Sveti Florijan, Giuliano, Markiz, Dječaci, Mate Bulić, Valungari, Feminnem, Žanamari, Cinkuši, Disciplin a Kitschme, Klapa Iskon, Bosutski bećari, Corto, etc.


Main article: Jugoton

Croatia Records lists its activities first and foremost as a contemporary discographic company, using professional criteria for sound recording and visual media. The company promotes the production of Croatian music, from the great classical performers to the impassable values of the folk music tradition, glorious evergreens and jazz, to instrumental music; and by following trends confirms its dynamic presence in contemporary music as well. The foundations of the company were laid in Zagreb in 1924, when the production of records began in their first workshop, a small "Edison – Bell" store that was open under the same name until 1938. Under new ownership it got a new name as well – "Elektron". This name changed again less than a decade later when yet another set of new owners took over, and it became – "Jugoton". Founded in 1947, the "Jugoton Record Factory" produced recordings under that very popular name over a long period of time before changing its name to Croatia Records in 1990.[4]

From 1952 to 1961 the full name of Croatia Records, then known as Jugoton, was "Jugoton, factory of records, gadgets and other luxury goods from plastic mass."[citation needed] The highest selling album by Jugoton was "Bio sam naivan" (I was Naive) by Danijel Popović.[citation needed] The album sold an unbelievable 717.166 copies, while the single "Đuli" (Julie) sold 80,883 copies.[citation needed] The company's first record was pressed in 1950 and was sold without a record sleeve in a paper bag. It featured "Jedan mali brodić" (A small boat) and "Ti tvoji zubići" (Those little teeth of yours) performed by the "Zagreb Male Quintet".[citation needed]


In its 62 years of existence, Croatia Records has been home to an audio archive amounting to a national treasure for the republics that were a part of the former Yugoslavia. From its beginnings to the present day, there was no major performer who did not leave at least one recording in the company's archive. Today, Croatia Records also boasts the fact that it represents successful names and its performers often receive numerous awards in recognition. In 2005. the company established the first domestic music television programme, CMC Croatian Music Channel, which was nominated for a prestigious award for two consecutive years, the "HOT BIRD TV AWARDS" alongside the world's best music television stations. In 2007, as the leading Croatian record company, Croatia Records won the industry's Porin award for special contribution to Croatian discography.


Jugoton was known and recognised as the biggest record producer in this part of Europe. After the introduction of the compact disc as a new sound medium, Croatia Records signed a contract with the leading production company of CD's, Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation, based in Austria. This partnership guaranteed an international level of quality for all age groups and musical tastes as some two hundred new titles were published annually, including numerous compilations of all music genres of domestic music released with newly designed cover art. Great attention was dedicated to the visual image of the products as those legendary record and CD covers were always designed by the best experts. Some of the most recognized music editions include:[5]

1. The Ultimate Collection[edit]

is a Rock anthology of 35 double CDs of the best rock groups of all time in the region including groups like Azra, Bijelo dugme, Crvena jabuka, Neno Belan, Dino Dvornik and many more.

2. The Platinum Collection[edit]

to date is the most successful edition from Croatia Records, presents 25 double CDs representing the greatest names of Croatian music and pop music such as Ivo Robić, Arsen Dedić, Josipa Lisac, Oliver Dragojević, Mišo Kovač, Tereza Kesovija etc.

3. The Love Collection[edit]

collection of 50 CDs that include the most beautiful love songs by the most notable music artists in Croatia such as Gibonni, Novi fosili, Arsen Dedić, Parni valjak, Crvena jabuka, Dražen Zečić etc.

Recent developments[edit]

Croatia Records Music Publishing Ltd. is a specialised partner-company of the Croatia Records stock company, founded with the goal of promoting and protecting the creation of music. The company collaborates with music associations, marketing agencies and production houses in the fields of selecting musical pieces, licensing them and regulating all the necessary rights for their commercial use. Croatian Music Channel – CMC is the only domestic music television station in Croatia and it broadcasts 24 hours a day. This channel does not just inform people about the Croatian music culture and events taking place on the Croatian music scene, it also contributes to the affirmation of new music and creates a supportive atmosphere for its creative development. Music cover stories, concerts, live broadcasts, events and the biggest base of music videos are just a few advantages of CMC, which is broadcast worldwide.

Brand values[edit]

For 62 years, Croatia Records has been producing quality audio and video media for the best performers in the region. Musicians, songwriters, producers and designers have always set the highest standards and trends that others followed. The strength and value of the brand has always been keeping artist satisfied, while keeping the media and experts on the same side, as well as fulfilling the expectations of buyers. Because Croatia Records' catalogue encompasses all musical genres, the brand is recognisable throughout all age groups. Tradition, quality and a clear business strategy along with product development make Croatia Records a leader in the area of discography in Croatia.

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