Croatia men's national water polo team

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Flag of Croatia.svg
Nickname(s) Barakude (The Barracudas)
Association Croatian Water Polo Federation
Confederation LEN (Europe)
Head coach Ivica Tucak
Asst coach Ivan Asic
Captain Josip Pavić
Olympic Games
Appearances 5 (first in 1996)
Best result 1 (2012)
World Championships
Appearances 9 (first in 1994)
Best result 1 (2007)
World League
Appearances 10 (first in 2002)
Best result 1 (2012)
European Championship
Appearances 10 (first in 1993)
Best result 1 (2010)
Mediterranean Games
Appearances 6 (first in 1993)
Best result 1 (2013)
Croatia men's national water polo team
Medal record
Olympic Games
Gold 2012 United Kingdom Team
Silver 1996 United States of America Team
World Championship
Gold 2007 Melbourne Team
Bronze 2009 Rome Team
Bronze 2011 Shangai Team
Bronze 2013 Barcelona Team
European Championship
Gold 2010 Croatia Team
Silver 1999 Italy Team
Silver 2003 Slovenia Team
World Cup
Silver 2010 Oradea Team
Bronze 2014 Almaty Team
FINA World League
Gold 2012 Kazakhstan Team
Silver 2009 Montenegro Team
Bronze 2010 Serbia Team
Bronze 2011 Italy Team
Mediterranean Games
Gold 2013 Mersin Team
Silver 1993 Languedoc-Roussillon Team
Silver 1997 Bari Team

The Croatia men's national water polo team represents Croatia in international water polo competitions and friendly matches. It is governed by the Croatian Water Polo Federation.

Head coaches[edit]


Prior to 1992 Croatia men's national water polo team competed as a part of Yugoslavia men's national water polo team.

Croatia men's national water polo team has been placed 4th at international competitions on 12 occasions, the most being achieved at European Championships, but none at the Olympics. Despite this fact, the team has also managed to win 26 medals at international competitions shown in the tables below.


World Championships[edit]

European Championships[edit]

World League[edit]

Year Round Position
Greece 2002 Preliminary Round 7th
United States 2003 Did not compete
United States 2004
Serbia and Montenegro 2005 Group Round 4th
Greece 2006 Did not qualify for the Super Final
Germany 2007
Italy 2008
Montenegro 2009 Final 2
Serbia 2010 Semifinal 3
Italy 2011 Semifinal 3
Kazakhstan 2012 Final 1
Russia 2013 Did not qualify for the Super Final
United Arab Emirates 2014 Scheduled to compete
Total Qualified for the Super Final: 6/12

World Cup[edit]

Mediterranean Games[edit]

Year Round Position
France 1993 Final 2
Italy 1997 Final 2
Tunisia 2001 Preliminary Round 5th
Spain 2005 Semifinal 4th
Italy 2009 Semifinal 4th
Turkey 2013 Final 1
Spain 2017 TBD

World Youth Championship[edit]

Year Round Position
Australia 2012 Semifinal 4th
Turkey 2014 Qualification in progress

World Junior Championship[edit]

Year Round Position
Cuba 1997 Final 1
1999–2001 ?
Italy 2003 Quarterfinal 7th
2005–2007 ?
Croatia 2009 Final 1
Greece 2011 Quarterfinal 6th
Hungary 2013 Qualified

European Youth Championship[edit]

Year Round Position
Turkey 2003 Semifinal 3
Bulgaria 2005 Final 2
Malta 2007 Semifinal 3
Serbia 2008 Semifinal 3
Greece 2009 Final 1
Croatia 2011 Final 1
Malta 2013 Qualified

European Junior Championship[edit]

Year Round Position
Malta 2004 Final 2
Romania 2006 Semifinal 4th
Turkey 2008 Quarterfinal 5th
Germany 2010 Semifinal 3
France 2012 Semifinal 3

Biggest Wins[edit]

double digit goal difference

Biggest Loses[edit]


  1. ^ a b Qualification for the tournament was determined by placing in the 1992 Olympics tournament. Since the Croatian team couldn't had participated in the 1992 Olympic water polo tournament due to the dissolution of Yugoslavia, it couldn't qualify for the 1993 World Cup.