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The following products could be described as hallmarks of Croatian trade. Croatia awards its own quality seal (Hrvatska kvaliteta) to the best Croatian products every year.


(vino, pl. vina)

Croatian wines have gained in quality, but are still largely unknown to the world wine market. It is a matter of the developing Croatian economy to make these wines more popular in the world, and it is up to Croatian wine producers to start large-scale production for international markets.

White wines[edit]

Red wines[edit]

Dessert wines[edit]



Apart from the great abundance of imported international beers such as Heineken, Tuborg, Gösser, and Stella Artois, homebrewn beers can also be found in Croatia. (Fans already know that the brewery in Split produces Bavarian Kaltenberg beer by licence of the original German brewery.)

Liqueurs and spirits[edit]


Mineral water[edit]

Concerning water quality, Croatian water is greatly appreciated all over the world., and Croatia has a leading position in Europe with regard to its water resources. Due to a lack of established industries there has also been no major incidents of water pollution.


Meat products[edit]

Milk and cheese[edit]


Salts and herbs[edit]

Vegeta Product Packaging

Fish products[edit]

Travel Agents[edit]

  • Split Tours – First private Croatian ferry line company and one on the biggest Dalmatian travel agents [14]


The nougat dessert Bajadera


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