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Studio album by Peatbog Faeries
Released 31 October 2005
Recorded 2005
Genre Celtic fusion, jazz fusion, celtic rock
Length 56:49
Label Peatbog Records
Peatbog Faeries chronology
Welcome To Dun Vegas
What Men Deserve To Lose

Croftwork (or CroftworK) is the fourth album by Scottish Celtic fusion group Peatbog Faeries, recorded in Roag on the Isle of Skye, and released in 2005 on the band's own Peatbog Records label.

"The Anthropologist" often opened the band's live shows in 2008.

The album has been well received since its release in October 2005.

Release and reception[edit]

The album was released by Peatbog Recordings on 31 October 2005 as the fourth studio album by Peatbog Faeries.

It is the band's second longest studio album behind only Faerie Stories, which is just under 11 minutes longer.

The album was well received. Alex Monaghan of Living Tradition ( said of the album in his review "The whole Croftwork thing is an enjoyable diversion from musical convention, full of surprises but still loosely tied to its pipe and fiddle heritage."

Luxury Web Magazine reviewed the album, saying "The band continues to inspire each other to new levels, and you can hear it on this release, and WOW is it worth it – walk, run or let your fingers do the walking on the Internet, but give Croftwork a listen."

Other reviews can be found on the band's website.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Scots on the Rocks" - 4:34
  2. "Weakened" - 4:03
  3. "Croftwork" - 4:25
  4. "The Anthropologist" - 4:33
  5. "When The Seahound Left Me" - 5:48
  6. "Decisions, Decisions / Kevin O'Neill of Rutherglen" - 9:38
  7. "Veganites" - 3:55
  8. "Trans Island Express" - 5:01
  9. "The Great Ceilidh Swindle" - 4:08
  10. "Drone Age" - 5:37
  11. "All About Windmills" - 5:01

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