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Crometeo is a non-profit association of Croatian amateur meteorologists. It was founded in November 2005, and its headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia. Its main goals are monitoring and forecasting weather, popularization of meteorology, installation of a linked network of automatic weather stations in Croatia with the data from the stations available on-line, and maintaining the meteorological webapge and the forum. Its president is Kristijan Božarov and beside Croatian members it has many associates from other, mainly neighbouring countries.

In recent years the association gained popularity in Croatian media for its weather forecasts and articles relating to weather, climate, meteorology and environment.

There are two very important projects of Crometeo team. Automatic weather stations network, found at and numerical weather forecasting site with NCEP GFS and Crometeo WRF-NMM and WRF-ARW high-resolution mesomodel products at

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