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CronLab Ltd.
Industry Telecommunications, IT
Founded Gothenburg, Sweden (2009 (2009))
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Anti-Spam – Hardware Appliances, Anti-Spam – Hosted Incoming Filtering, Anti-Spam – Hosted Outgoing Filtering, Email Archiving – Hosted, Email Attachment Saver, Web Filter – Hosted

CronLab Limited is a privately held limited company which provides information security solutions based on hardware appliances and hosted (SaaS) services.[1]

CronLab has offices in London, United Kingdom and Gothenburg, Sweden.


CronLab, founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, introduced its first Anti-Spam Hardware Appliances in 2009. The appliances have received positive reviews from industry media such as PC Pro,[2] CRN Magazine,[3] and SC Magazine,[4] which cited the systems for their ease of use and quick set up, and tested the email filtering technology as 99% accurate.

In 2010 the company moved its headquarters to London, United Kingdom. It has also released software as a service hosted models of the spam filtering technology[5] awarded a recommendation by Techworld,[6] and hosted email archiving solutions.[7]

CIDE Group, a toy manufacturer, partnered with CronLab on development of a children's tablet computer. The tablet, called "Kurio", features CronLab's hosted web-filtering and parental controls technology.[8]

CronLab has agreements for distribution in France, Belgium, Switzerland,[9] Germany,[10] Norway,[11] Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania,[12] Ireland and the United Kingdom.[13]

The company’s security products aim to protect against email and web threats such as spam, spyware, trojans and viruses, and they also provide an email archiving solution.[14] CronLab’s products support multi-tenancy and are marketed to ISPs, MSPs and IT consultants. Their products can all also be white labelled.[15]


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