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CropLife International A.I.S.B.L.
Motto Representing The Plant Science Industry

July 7, 2001; 13 years ago (2001-07-07) CropLife
November 1996 GPFC

1967 GIFAP
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
President & CEO
Howard Minigh
11 (2001)[1]

CropLife International is an international federation of agricultural biotechnology companies. It was previously known as Global Crop Protection Federation and International Group of National Associations of Manufacturers of Agrochemical Products. CropLife International's members include most of the world's largest agriculture companies such as BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, FMC Corp., Monsanto, Sumitomo and Syngenta.[2]


In 1967, the International Group of National Associations of Manufacturers of Agrochemical Products (from French: Groupement International des Associations Nationales de Fabricants de Produits Agrochimiques, GIFAP) was founded.[3]

In November 1996, GIFAP was renamed to Global Crop Protection Federation (GCPF).

On 7 November 2001, GCPF was renamed to CropLife International.


CropLife International has 8 regional associations focusing in different areas of the world. These are CropLife Africa Middle East, CropLife America, CropLife Asia, CropLife Latin America, European Crop Protection Association, Japan Crop Protection Association, CropLife Canada and Israel Crop Protection Association.

There are also the following biotech associations in CropLife: AfricaBio, AgroBIO Mexico, AgroBio Brazil, ArgenBio, BIOTECanada, BIO Production Agriculture Association, Conselho de Informações sobre Biotecnologia (CIB), CBI Japan and EuropaBio.


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