Cross Zornotza

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Cross Zornotza
Date Early January
Location Amorebieta-Etxano
Event type Cross country
Distance 10.7 km for men
6.7 km for women
Established 1954

The Cross Internacional Zornotza is an annual cross country running event which takes place in January in Amorebieta-Etxano (Zornotza), the Basque Country, Spain. The competition was first held in 1954 and has taken place every year since, with the sole exception of 1961. Organised by the Club Deportiva Zornotza,[1] the event began as a mainly national-level competition and it started to attract elite international competitors from the mid-1980s onwards.[2]

Zornotza has previously been an IAAF and European Athletics status meeting,[3][4] as well as being in the now-defunct IAAF World Cross Challenge circuit,[5] but is not currently part of an international cross country series. The race suffered from economic problems leading up to the period around 2010, but organisers continued its focus of attracting some of the sport's top competitors.[6] The competition's course, the Jauregibarria,[7] played host to the 1993 IAAF World Cross Country Championships.[8]

The competition features two elite level races: a 10.7 km race for men and a 6.7 km contest for women. In addition to these, several shorter races are held for local runners and youths. Past winners of the elite race include two-time Olympic champion Derartu Tulu. Mariano Haro, a Spanish World Cross medallist, has won the competition more than any other athlete (seven) and won five times consecutively in the mid-1970s.[9]

Past senior race winners[edit]

National era[edit]

Edition Year Winner
1st 1954 Winner unknown
2nd 1955 Winner unknown
3rd 1956 Winner unknown
4th 1957 Winner unknown
5th 1958 Winner unknown
6th 1959 Winner unknown
7th 1960  José Fernández (ESP)
1961 Not held
8th 1962  José Fernández (ESP)
9th 1963  Pablo Fernández (ESP)
10th 1964  Mariano Haro (ESP)
11th 1965  Nicolás López (ESP)
12th 1966  José Antonio Begona (ESP)
13th 1967  José María Barrientos (ESP)
14th 1968  José Miguel Maíz (ESP)
15th 1969  José Antonio Begona (ESP)
16th 1970  Antonio Frechilla (ESP)
17th 1971  Mariano Haro (ESP)
18th 1972  Juan Hidalgo (ESP)
19th 1973  Mariano Haro (ESP)
20th 1974  Mariano Haro (ESP)
21st 1975  Mariano Haro (ESP)
22nd 1976  Mariano Haro (ESP)
23rd 1977  Mariano Haro (ESP)
24th 1978  Fidel García (ESP)

International era[edit]

Olympic marathon champion Rosa Mota won in 1986.
The 2010 world champion Joseph Ebuya won in 2011 and 2012
Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
25th 1979  Roy Bayley (GBR) Not held
26th 1980  Jonathan Wild (GBR)
27th 1981  Antonio Prieto (ESP)
28th 1982  Eshetu Tura (ETH)
29th 1983 Winner unknown
30th 1984  Michael Bishop (GBR)  Jane Furniss-Shields (GBR)
31st 1985  Wodajo Bulti (ETH)  Ana Isabel Alonso (ESP)
32nd 1986  Tony Milovsorov (GBR)  Rosa Mota (POR)
33rd 1987  José Regalo (POR)  Cornelia Bürki (SUI)
34th 1988  Francisco Sánchez Vargas (ESP)  Jane Furniss-Shields (GBR)
35th 1989  Tim Hutchings (GBR) 32:40  Helen Titterington (GBR) 14:29
36th 1990  Domingos Castro (POR) 33:02  Luchia Yishak (ETH) 12:20
37th 1991  Ezekiel Bitok (KEN) 35:04  Susan Sirma (KEN) 19:06
38th 1992  Fita Bayisa (ETH) 34:34  Luchia Yishak (ETH) 17:55
39th 1993 Held in conjunction with 1993 World Championships
40th 1994  Domingos Castro (POR)  Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN)
41st 1995  Paulo Guerra (POR) 31:22  Rose Cheruiyot (KEN) 18:28
42nd 1996  Josephat Machuka (KEN) 31:57  Derartu Tulu (ETH) 18:38
43rd 1997  David Chelule Kipkorir (KEN) 33:45  Elena Fidatov (ROM) 18:03
44th 1998  Paul Koech (KEN) 30:16  Jackline Maranga (KEN) 17:27
45th 1999  Richard Limo (KEN) 33:53  Getenesh Wami (ETH) 23:19
46th 2000  Serhiy Lebid (UKR) 33:28  Getenesh Wami (ETH) 23:09
47th 2001  Paul Malakwen Kosgei (KEN) 31:48  Naomi Mugo (KEN) 22:45
48th 2002  Julius Nyamu (KEN) 31:41  Susan Chepkemei (KEN) 22:27
49th 2003  Albert Chepkurui (KEN) 32:18  Teyba Erkesso (ETH) 22:42
50th 2004  Boniface Kiprop (UGA) 34:35  Ejegayehu Dibaba (ETH) 23:22
51st 2005  Ahmad Abdullah Hassan (QAT) 32:13  Benita Johnson (AUS) 22:23
52nd 2006  Abraham Chebii (KEN) 31:17  Rosa Morató (ESP) 22:19
53rd 2007  Micah Kogo (KEN) 32:03  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) 21:59
54th 2008  Tariku Bekele (ETH) 32:11  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) 23:27
55th 2009  Samuel Tsegay (ERI) 31:36  Linet Masai (KEN) 21:36
56th 2010  Hunegnaw Mesfin (ETH) 35:24  Ann Mwangi (KEN) 24:22
57th 2011  Joseph Ebuya (KEN) 31:27  Pauline Korikwiang (KEN) 22:48
58th 2012  Joseph Ebuya (KEN) 31:33  Nazret Weldu (ERI) 23:45
59th 2013  Mark Kiptoo (KEN) 32:42  Magdalene Masai (KEN) 23:44
60th 2014  Cyprian Kotut (KEN) 33:28  Magdalene Masai (KEN) 23:55
61st 2015  Timothy Toroitich (UGA) 32:01  Magdalene Masai (KEN) 23:36


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