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Coordinates: 32°41′44″N 97°47′57″W / 32.6955748°N 97.7990626°W / 32.6955748; -97.7990626

Crosstimbers Academy
242 Harmony Rd
Weatherford, Texas, United States, 76087
Coordinates 32.6955748,-97.7990626
School type Charter

Crosstimbers Academy is a small charter school in the Fort Worth suburb of Weatherford, Texas, part of an alternative education district that services over three hundred “at-risk” students from over twenty-five different communities.


The Weatherford campus opened its doors in August 2006, and has grown from an initial complement of twenty-eight students to our current enrollment of over a hundred and forty, with a waiting list of interested applicants. The "sister" school in the district is the Brazos River Charter School.[1]

The school is geared towards students who have had a hard time coping with a standard school environment, students who simply need a change from the high-pressure, high-drama day-to-day life of a typical teen. Though each has unique reasons for applying to the campus, all students have one thing in common: they all needed a second chance, and at Crosstimbers, they were given that chance.

The student’s capability for success can be seen in their amazing progress in academics. For instance, seven out of every ten students attend some form of higher education upon graduation. Ninety-five percent of those who had never passed the mandatory Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test will pass after attending Crosstimbers classes. These are kids who have the capability; they just need the opportunity to succeed. Consider the obstacles a typical Crosstimbers student faces: Over eighty percent of our current population is officially classified by state and federal authorities as at-risk of dropping out of high school. Fifty-five percent qualify for a free or reduced lunch due to economic hardship. Our students have come to us from seven different school districts in Parker County, covering a distance of over nine hundred square miles, and must arrange for transportation to and from school on their own.

The Crosstimbers Academy of Board and Directors, Faculty, and Staff will ensure an environment of safety, respect, and accountability while students prepare to improve quality of life. The school provides an equitable opportunity for students to acquire a sound academic and career focused education. Students receive a strong foundation in humanities, science, mathematics, and career technology. Interdisciplinary curriculum is presented in a way relevant to each student’s world. Specialized support is provided for students preparing for careers that require post-secondary training. Graduates shall enter the global labor force with marketable skills, embracing a positive work ethic.


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