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A crosswalk is a provision for getting across an impediment (usually a road), from one path or walkway to another. The term is common in the USA, other countries may use the term pedestrian crossing instead.

This term may also refer to:

  • the way of life or "walk" of putting the needs and rights others first, even sacrificially. Where love of others is more important than love of self.
  • In accounting and budget:
    • a table that shows the relationship between two other tables
    • a table used to control the allocation of funds. The analogy is that the funds get transferred (walk) from one set of balance sheets or budget to another. For example, a “Budget Crosswalk” is a term for the allocation table of budget authority to outlay amounts in a budget.[1]
  • Schema crosswalk, in databases, a table that shows equivalent elements in more than one schema
  •, a Christian website


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