Croton–Harmon (Metro-North station)

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Metro-North Hudson Line station
Amtrak station
Croton-Harmon platform view.jpg
Station statistics
Address 1 Croton Point Avenue
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Coordinates 41°11′23″N 73°52′58″W / 41.1898°N 73.8827°W / 41.1898; -73.8827Coordinates: 41°11′23″N 73°52′58″W / 41.1898°N 73.8827°W / 41.1898; -73.8827


Metro North:

Connections Local Transit Bee-Line: 10, 11, 14
Platforms 3 island platforms
Tracks 4
Parking 1,903 spaces
Other information
Electrified 700V (DC) third rail
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station code CRT (Amtrak)
Owned by Metro-North Railroad
Fare zone 5 (Metro North)
Formerly Harmon
Passengers (2006) 875,680 Steady 0% (Metro-North)
Passengers (2013) 48,694[1] Increase 6.8% (Amtrak)
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak   Following station
toward Montreal
Empire Service
toward Rutland
Ethan Allen Express
toward Toronto
Maple Leaf
toward Chicago
Lake Shore Limited
MTA NYC logo.svg Metro-North Railroad
Hudson Line
toward Poughkeepsie
(Closed 1995)
toward Poughkeepsie
  Former services  
New York Central Railroad
toward Chicago
Water Level Route
toward Peekskill
Hudson Division

The Croton–Harmon Metro-North Railroad station serves the residents of Croton-on-Hudson, New York via the Hudson Line. It is the main transfer point between the Hudson Line's local and express service, and it is also served by almost all Amtrak trains on the line. Metro-North trains leave for New York City about every 30 minutes. It is 32.5 miles (52.3 km) from Grand Central Terminal. Travel times to Grand Central range from 42 minutes (super-express runs) to 71 minutes (trains making all local stops).

The Metro-North shops, formerly those of the New York Central Railroad, are located at Croton–Harmon. It is also the northern limit of electrification. Metro-North traditionally hosts an open house of the maintenance facilities every October, though a hiatus of future events may take place due to renovations of the Harmon shops.[2]

During the days of the New York Central Railroad, the station and shops were known as Harmon. Trains continuing north of Harmon, including the flagship 20th Century Limited would exchange their electric locomotive for a steam or diesel locomotive to continue the journey to points north and west.

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson operates the station parking lot. A great number of spots are reserved for long-term permit holders and village residents. There is also ample parking for daily use. The station is easily accessed via the Croton Point Ave exit from US 9.

As of August 2006, daily commuter ridership was 3368 and there are 1903 parking spots.[3]

Platforms and tracks[edit]

4 Hudson Line for Grand Central
2 Hudson Line for Grand Central
Empire Service for Penn Station
1 Hudson Line for Poughkeepsie
Empire Service for Albany, Niagara Falls, Rutland, Montreal, Toronto, or Chicago
3 Hudson Line for Poughkeepsie

The station has three high-level island platforms each 10 cars long. The west platform is between Tracks 2 and 4, the middle platform is between Tracks 1 and 2, and the east platform is between Tracks 1 and 3. The Hudson Line has four tracks.


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