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Industry Crowdsourcing
Founded December, 2007
Founders Lukas Biewald
Chris Van Pelt
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Owners Lukas Biewald
Employees 50-149[1]

CrowdFlower, originally called "Dolores Labs", is a crowdsourcing and data cleansing service founded in 2007 by Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt.[2]



CrowdFlower is a SaaS company whose data enrichment platform allows users to clean, label and collect data using an online workforce of millions. The firm currently works with numerous Fortune 500 companies.


1) Researchers at the Harvard Tuberculosis Lab used the company’s platform to identify drug-resistant TB cells.[3]

2) After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the company helped to route text messages to the proper aid workers, to get them translated, and to ensure that the people sending the texts had a chance of getting what they needed.[4]

3) Similar relief efforts were handled after the 2010 Pakistan floods.[5]

4) In 2009, the company worked with Samasource to provide work for refugees in Kenya who completed microtasks; iPhone users donated their time by checking for accuracy through Give Work, an app.[6]

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