Crown Colony of Sarawak

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Crown Colony of Sarawak
British colony



God Save the Queen
Fair Land Sarawak
Capital Kuching
Languages English, Iban, Malay, Chinese
Government Crown colony
Historical era New Imperialism
 -  Sarawak ceded to the United Kingdom 30 June 1946
 -  State of Malaysia 16 September 1963
Currency Sarawak dollar, later Malaya and British Borneo dollar
Today part of  Malaysia
Governor of British Crown Colony of Sarawak
Flag of the Crown Colony of Sarawak (1946).svg
Style His Excellency
Residence The Astana
Appointer King George VI
succeeded in 1952 by Queen Elizabeth II
Inaugural holder Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke
Formation 1946-1963
Final holder Sir Alexander Waddell
Abolished 16 September 1963 (Admitted into the Federation of Malaysia)[1]
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History of Malaysia
History of Malaysia
Prehistoric Malaysia
Early kingdoms
Chi Tu 100 BC – 7th AD
Gangga Negara 2nd–11th
Langkasuka 2nd–14th
Pan Pan 3rd–5th
Srivijaya 7th–13th
Majapahit 13th–15th
Kedah Kingdom 630–1136
Thonburi Kingdom 1768–1782
Rise of Muslim states
Kedah Sultanate 1136–present
Brunei Sultanate 15th–present
Malacca Sultanate 1402–1511
Sulu Sultanate 1450–1899
Pattani Sultanate 1516–1902
Johor Sultanate 1528–present
Bulungan Sultanate 1731–1881
Colonial era
Portuguese Malacca 1511–1641
Dutch Malacca 1641–1824
Straits Settlements 1826–1946
Crown Colony of Labuan 1848–1946
British Malaya 1874–1946
Federated Malay States 1895–1946
Unfederated Malay States 1909–1946
Kingdom of Sarawak 1841–1946
North Borneo 1882–1963
Syburi 1943–1945
British Military Administration 1945–1946
Crown Colony of Sarawak 1946–1963
Crown Colony of North Borneo 1946–1963
Malayan Union 1946–1948
Federation of Malaya 1948–1963
Independence era
Independence of Malaya 1957
Malaysia Agreement 1963
Singapore in Malaysia 1963–1965
Proclamation 1963–present
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The Governor of British Crown Colony of Sarawak (Malay: Tuan Yang Terutama Gabenor Koloni Mahkota British Sarawak) is the position created by the British Government upon the cession of Sarawak from the Brooke Administration in 1946. The appointment was made by King George VI, and later Queen Elizabeth II until the independence of Sarawak on 22 July 1963 and the joining into the Federation of Malaysia on 1963.[1] After the formation of Malaysia, the title was changed to 'Tuan Yang Terutama Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak', which also means 'His Excellency The Governor of Sarawak', or 'His Excellency The Head of State of Sarawak' and the appointment was later made by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or King of Malaysia.

The official residence of the Governor of Sarawak at that time was The Astana, located at the North bank of the Sarawak River.

List of Governors of Sarawak[edit]

No. Name Took Office Left Office Note
1. Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke October 26, 1946 July 26, 1949 First Governor of the Crown Colony of Sarawak
2. Sir Duncan George Stewart November 14, 1949 December 10, 1949 Assassinated by Rosli Dhobi while visiting Sibu on December 3, 1949
3. Sir Anthony Foster Abell April 4, 1950 November 15, 1959 Originally appointed for the term of 3 years only, but his term was extended to 1959. He would later become one of the members of the Cobbold Commission.
4. Sir Alexander Waddell February 23, 1960 July 22, 1963 Last Governor of Sarawak.


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