Crowned Unholy

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Crowned Unholy
Studio album by The Crown
Released August 24, 2004
Recorded September 2001 - November 24, 2003 at Bohus Sound Recording
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 43:37
Label Metal Blade Records
Producer The Crown
The Crown chronology
Possessed 13
Crowned Unholy
Doomsday King

Crowned Unholy is a seventh studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band The Crown. It is a remake of the band's fifth studio album, Crowned in Terror, with re-recorded vocal tracks by Johan Lindstrand, re-recorded bass tracks by Magnus Olsfelt, a new version of the intro (originally written by guitarist Marko Tervonen) now programmed by drummer Janne Saarenpää, drum sound digitally enhanced by Janne, and synthesizer-enhanced parts, all programmed by Janne.

The album also contains a free DVD entitled The Crown Invades Karlsruhe, a professionally recorded show in Karlsruhe, Germany on November 11, 2003, while on tour performing Possessed 13.


In a March 2007 interview, The Crown frontman Johan Lindstrand was asked if he felt re-recording old tracks for the album was actually the right decision. "I think it was the wrong decision", revealed Lindstrand. "Having said that, it was also a chance for the diehard fans to have all the albums with me, the original singer, on all of them.[1]

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Length
1. "House of Hades (Intro)"   1:01
2. "Crowned in Terror"   5:00
3. "Under the Whip"   3:58
4. "Drugged Unholy"   4:11
5. "World Below"   5:51
6. "The Speed of Darkness"   5:11
7. "Out for Blood"   2:44
8. "(I Am) Hell"   4:17
9. "Death Is the Hunter"   4:19
10. "Satanist"   3:48
11. "Death Metal Holocaust"   3:17
Total length:


No. Title Length
1. "No Tomorrow"    
2. "Face of Destruction/Deep Hit of Death"    
3. "Deathexplosion"    
4. "World Below"    
5. "Deliverance"    
6. "Blitzkrieg Witchcraft"    
7. "Cold is the Grave"    
8. "Zombiefied"    
9. "Dream Bloody Hell/Kill 'Em All"    
10. "Under the Whip"    
11. "Bow to None"    
12. "Total Satan"    
13. "House of Hades/Crowned in Terror"    
14. "1999-Revolution 666"    


The Crown
  • Marcus Sunesson - guitars
  • Johan Lindstrand - vocals
  • Marko Tervonen - guitars
  • Janne Saarenpää - drums, programming, synth
  • Magnus Olsfelt - bass
  • Dragan Tanasković - engineering, mastering
  • Oliver Barth - filming (bonus DVD)
  • Snowy Shaw - photography
  • Mark Brand - cover art, layout
  • Tobias Basan - cover art, layout
  • Janne Saarenpää - engineering