Croydon Council election, 1998

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Elections to Croydon Council in London, England were held on 7 May 1998. The whole council was up for election and the Labour party stayed in overall control of the council.[1] For the first time in a local election two polling stations were situated in supermarkets.[2]

Before the election the council had been seen as a top target for the Conservatives who only needed a small swing of 2 percent to take control.[3] The Labour party had taken control of the council for the first time in the council's history in the previous election in 1994.[4] The removal of mounted patrols from parks and an increase in nursery places were seen as important issues in the election.[5] Both main parties concentrated on trying to get their vote out and were targeting several key wards.[4]

Election result[edit]

Croydon Local Election Result 1998[6]
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 38 -2 54.3
  Conservative 31 +1 44.3
  Liberal Democrat 1 +1 1.4


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