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Cruise & Maritime Voyages
Founded 2010
Headquarters Essex, United Kingdom.
Area served British Market, Australian Market, US Market
Products Cruises
Employees 50 - 100

Cruise & Maritime Voyages is a passenger shipping company headquartered in Essex, United Kingdom.[1][2][3]


Cruise & Maritime Voyages was formed in 2009, by parent organisation Cruise & Maritime Services International, after German based Transocean Tours (for whom they were the UK representative) filed for bankruptcy.[4]

Cruise & Maritime Voyages has positioned itself as "Providing ex-UK 'no fly' cruising holidays aboard smaller and medium sized classic and more traditional style ships".[5] Cruise & Maritime Voyages serves an adult market, with an on board style of traditional entertainment, dining and rooms using a fleet of older tonnage.[6]


MS Marco Polo[edit]

In 2009 the veteran liner MS Marco Polo was chartered for cruising as the line's first ship.

The ship is operated as an adults only (16 and above) vessel, and is marketed at cash short consumers, with multiple departure points in the UK along with exotic itineraries.[7] She is under a five-year charter [8] with the line, and was transferred in 2009 after previous operator, Transocean Tours filed for bankruptcy.[9]

MS Astor[edit]

Joining in November 2013, the MS Astor is sailing for Cruise & Maritime Voyages on a three-year charter, and will sail both northbound and southbound voyages, by way of South Africa, in addition to round-Australia [10] and Asian itineraries.[11]

Future Fleet[edit]

MS Azores[edit]

It was announced on June 27, 2014 that the MV Azores would be chartered from Portuscale Cruises, to replace the slightly bigger MV Discovery, sometime in 2015. The first voyage will sail 30 nights, from Avonmouth, to the Caribbean, departing Jan. 26.[12]

MS Magellan[edit]

It was announced on 3 November 2014 that the Grand Holiday will be transferred from Costa Crocieres / Ibero Cruises in 2015 and renamed Magellan. The ship will receive a new livery and will become the flagship of the fleet.[13]

Former Fleet[edit]

MS Ocean Countess[edit]

In 2010 MS Ocean Countess (ex. Cunard Countess) was chartered as the second ship of the fleet.[14] Ocean Countess had been chartered as Ruby for Louis Cruise Lines prior to her current charter.[15]

Marco Polo was in Tilbury and Ocean Countess in Kingston upon Hull, UK, during the Royal Wedding in 2011.[16]

It was also announced on September 7, 2012, that the Ocean Countess will leave the fleet in late 2012, her final cruise was a 13-night Canary Islands & Madeira “Farewell Voyage” concluding in Barcelona instead of returning to Liverpool. She was replaced by the Discovery.[17]

MV Discovery[edit]

Started in February 2013, the MV Discovery sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages in blocks of 249 days, running from May to October, following a joint agreement with All Leisure Group, she replaced the semi-smaller Ocean Countess.[18][19]

She was sold in October 2014 and has since left the fleet.[20]


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